Odysseus Ring in Sterling Silver


  • Sterling Silver

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    4815.384 ¾I ½
    5015.9105 ¼K
    5116.23115 ½K ½
    5216.55126L ½
    5316.87136 ¼M
    5417.19146 ¾ -7N
    5517.56157 ¼O
    5617.83167 ½O ½
    5718.14177 ¾ – 8P ½
    5818.46188 ¼Q
    5918.78198 ¾R
    6119.42219 ½S ½
    6219.74229 ¾-10T ½
    6320.052310 ¼U
    6420.372410 ½V
    6621.012611 ¼W ½
    6721.332711 ¾X ½
    6921.962912 ½Z
    7022.283012 ¾Z+1
    7122.731.513 ½Z +2
    7323.253314 ¼Z+3+ ½
    7423.53414 ½Z+4
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Be part of the legend, and let the Odysseus Ring in Sterling Silver unfold the myth that gracefully adorns its history.

Creating unique and handcrafted rings is a complicated process, involving old-aged techniques and a variety of metals. If you look carefully, the essence of ancient heroes is captured in the engraved details.  A symphony of sterling silver, this ring carries the whispers of the Aegean Sea, the echoes of epic adventures, and the spirit of the legendary king of Ithaca, Odysseus himself.

Each curve, each detailed engraving, tells a tale – of mighty warriors and tumultuous seas, of timeless love and a hero’s triumphant return. Handcrafted with passionate precision, the ring embodies the soul of a warrior and the heart of exquisite Greek design aesthetics.

As the ring graces your presence, feel the spirits of Odysseus wind around your finger, unraveling the vibes of heroism. The intricate patterns and motifs unveil Odysseus’s journey, a labyrinth of adventures intricately woven into the fabric of the ring, echoing stories of bravery, love, and perseverance.

Material: A canvas of splendid Sterling Silver
Design: A tapestry of Greek legend, with each detail narrating a chapter of Odysseus’s epic journey.
Craftsmanship: Conjured with divine finesse, evoking the aura of heroic and ancient elegance.
Size: Available in all sizes, each ensuring that the ring finds its true bearer.

The Odysseus Ring in Sterling Silver is not just a piece of jewelry. It is a keeper of stories, a relic of ancient artistry, an heirloom waiting to be passed through generations. It is designed to be a companion on your journey.

Care: Treat it with the tenderness of Penelope, keeping it away from the battles against harsh chemicals.
Guard its essence, cherish its presence, and the ring shall shimmer with the glory of Greek legends.

Handcrafted Ring in Sterling Silver. See all the pieces in Odysseus Collection.


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