The history of  ”Gerochristo Jewelry” began in 1900 from the grand-father of Gerochristo’s family

In 1900 the grand-father of Gerochristo family Spiros Gerochristos, started making tessellated Byzantine icons and other objects using wood, glass and stones, expressing through them the vividness of his creativeness, his artistic nature and the experience of centuries of Byzantine art .
His son George Gerochristos, inherited his creative talend and focused in making various handly objects, of unique technique.
Unfortunately, the II World War interrupted the artistic activities of Gerochristo’s family, diverting them into other areas, more essential in their survival.

Despite that, the ”microbe” of the artist of the grand-father and father , was not wasted.
In 1975 Spiros Gerochristos enhanced his talend in the ”Goldsmithery school of Athens”. At the same time worked next to very renowned goldsmiths, craftsmen and engravers of that time.
At the age of 24, Spiros establishes his first jewelry workshop, in Athens. 10 years later his cousin George Gerochristos stiffened the company’s work-force, taking over the financial management.

Sofia Gerochristo the daughter of Spiro Gerochristo grew up in this atmosphere of creativity and in 2002 she choose to follow studies in the goldsmiths of Athens ‘MOKUME’ which completed in 2005.

From then on she has taken the company’s management and followed a very effective roadmap deeply respecting the company’s tradition but at the same time adding the essential touches of fresh air where deemed necessary, in order for the company to move forward with confidence into a new era.

Recent Designs

  • Ring with cross in 18K Gold and Sterling Silver with Brown diamonds

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  • Jerusalem cross ring in 18K Gold and sterling silver with Garnet

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  • Classic band ring in 18K Gold and Sterling Silver

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  • Garden Shadows Bracelet with Crosses in 18K Gold and Sterling Silver

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